Sree Ayyappan Sannidhanam - Jakarta

Swamiye… Saranam Ayyappa !

Sree Ayyappan Sannidhanam - is a very famous pilgrim place in Jakarta Shiva Mandir.

The Shiva Mandir in Jakarta is a very popular Hindu temple in Indonesia, most frequently visited by all sections of Indian community here, including Indian expatriates. The temple's main deity is Lord Shiva. There are also Vigrahams of Lord Venkateswara (Balaji), his consort Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Navagrahas etc.

Since 1991, the Jakarta Ayyappa Seva Sangam (JASS), made up of mostly South Indian expatriates, organizes Annual Ayyappan Pooja every year. In May 2001, JASS organized the Prathishta of Lord Ayyappa.

It was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for the Indian community in Indonesia, to witness Sri Ayyappan Prathishta on 26-27 May 2001, meticulously and authentically performed by the Sabarimala Hereditary Priest, Brahmasree Rajeevaru Kantaru Thanthri.

How it started

With the annual pooja being conducted with all enthusiasm and excitement year after year, JASS felt that we should have a Prathishta of Lord Ayyappa in Shiva Mandir. Then JASS decided to bring the Sabarimala Thanthri, Brahmasree Kantaru Rajeevaru Thanthri to perform the Prathishta.

The Prathishta / Consecration

On Sunday, 27 May 2001, after the Ganapathi Homam, Sayyayil Usha Pooja (Morning pooja, while VIGRAHAM is in bed) was done. At the most auspicious Muhurtam between 7.25 a.m. and 8.42 a.m., in Mithuna Lagnam, the Thanthri took the Vigraham with both his hands, and installed it upon the Peetom erected for this purpose, and then transferred Sri Ayyappa's Chaithanya to the Vigraham, by pouring the 'Powered Water' from the Jeevakalasam on to the Vigraham, followed by Abhishekam to the Lord with other Kalasams, and later Abhishekam to the Gopura-Kalasam. Only the KALASA-WATER was used for Abhishekams, and no other materials. The event ended with a Prasanna Pooja, the first Pooja to the newly consecrated Lord Ayyappa followed by the usual Ayyappa Bhajan by Jakarta devotees.


Starting exactly at the time of Praasaadha Suddhi, that is Thanthri's cleaning of Ayyappa temple, for about 30 minutes, AND ONLY FOR THIS 30 MINUTES, IT RAINED AND RAINED HEAVILY. There were no rains at all at any other time during the entire prathishta poojas of four days.

It seemed as though Lord Varuna descended Himself to clean and purify the Vigraham as well as Sri Ayyappan's temple in Jakarta, before the Prathishta. This was a unique experience for everybody participating in the poojas.

This Praasaadha Suddhi was originally fixed for Friday, but realizing that Thursday was a holiday, it was advanced to Thursday !! And the rains came on that day and cleaned and purified the temple !!! There is definitely something beyond us.

Sree Ayyappan Sannidhanam in Jakarta

The uniqueness of Jakarta Ayyappan is that he is in between his parents, Lord Siva (father) and Lord Vishnu (mother). We considered various locations in the temple for the Prathishta, but it is just divine will that the Sannidhanam happened to be in between Lords Siva and Vishnu.

Weekly Pooja

Weekly Poojas is being done on Sunday mornings, 7.00-9.00 am (starting with Sankalpam/Punyaahajapam at Ayyappan sanctum, followed by Abhishekam to Lord/s Ganesha, Siva and finally Ayyappa). On the last Sunday of each month, we also do Navagraha Abhishekam/pooja. We also perform special Poojas on special days believed to be auspicious for Lord Ayyappa.

Annual Pooja

The Annual Pooja is being performed on the first Sunday in Vrischikam/Karthigai month, which is usually the third Sunday in November. One exception to this date would be, if this day happens to be Amavasya day, then the Annual Pooja would be done on the next Sunday.

Swamiye… Saranam Ayyappa !